Blooming Gardens


Blooming Gardens appears to be a straightforward farming game, but it's more than that. You may manage a garden that keeps producing flowers while you move the pieces around in this board game. To win the game, you must arrange five identical flowers in a row. Once your garden is overflowing with blooms and impossible to manage, you lose.

Can you manage your garden and achieve the greatest score? With Blooming Gardens, learn more!


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How to play

To eliminate flowers from the board, line up five of the same blooms. Flowers can only be moved to a new location if there is a clear path for them to follow (i.e., no other flowers blocking their path from their current location to the new one). Once all of the flowers are on the board, the game is over. To plan your strategy, look at the upcoming flowers on the right side of the screen.


Left Mouse Button = Pick up flower/Plant