About Bayou Island


This is an exciting story about a captain who got himself lost in a navigation mission at sea while he was trying to get back home, after a great sailor on an exotic island and the fact that he was all alone on the ship so right now, because of a sea storm, his ship is so damaged and there is no way to get home by sea, with the same ship he came so let's explore! Bayou Island is the location of this exciting story. Bayou Island is the name of the This island may look deserted, but there is actually a merchant living on it who owns some kind of machine and a hat shop that is currently closed. Since the merchant is the only person who has the key to the hat shop, you will need to be extremely persuasive in order to convince him to hand it over to you. This will provide the individual with precisely what he is looking for. This is what you win or lose by playing the game! You have to make sure that you will successfully explore all of the locations on the island, interacting with people, if you are able to discover any ones, and of course, getting clues, which will help you put up a map that will bring you directly back home! I hope you have success and demonstrate that you have the true spirit of an adventurer by remaining calm and not losing your patience. With that being said, let's get to work right away, you captain of an adventure!

How to play

Use the mouse