About Battles of Seas


Prepare to join the most thrilling sea war in Battles Of Seas! Attempt to aim accurately and shoot down the enemy's ship to score many points.

In this game, you have to participate in a sea war. In this war, you have to control your ship to combat the rival. Keep in mind that your ship stands on the left while the enemy's ship stands on the right. Try to aim accurately and destroy the ship of the opponent. If you shoot the enemy enough to deplete their health bar, they explode and you win. Usually, you will see many obstacles between two ships. they will affect your vision and sometimes block the way of your projectiles. Therefore, when you want to shoot, you should aim at a higher position to avoid obstacles. In addition, many power-ups which are tied with parachutes fall from the sky. Shoot at them to collect the power-ups. There are three power-ups in this game. They are Heart, Coins and Shield. If you get the Heart, you can respawn right after being destroyed. If you get the Coins, you will be given extra coins. The Shield will protect you from the damage of the ship of your opponent. However, the effects of the shield will lose after a limited time.

Your ultimate objective in this game is to kill as many enemies as possible to get the highest score and earn as many coins as possible. Do your best! It's time to show your power. After finishing the sea war in this game, you can try going the mysterious world to join another battle in Boom Battle Arena.

How to control


Click the left mouse button to shoot


Tap the screen to shoot

Game Mode in Battles Of Seas

Normal Mode

This mode is the easiest mode in this game. In this mode, you and your opponent seem to be matched well. Therefore, you can get a high score easily in this mode even if you are a newcomer. Play it to practise your fighting skill.

Hard Mode

If you master this game, challenge yourself with this mode. In this mode, your rivals are really strong. Theor ship can launch 2 projectiles at once while your ship can launch only one projectile. Do your best to destroy the ship of the opponent before you get hit.