About Basket Random


Have a funny time in this exciting sports game which is Basket Random. Control your character and perform perfect dunks into the basket to defeat another team.

With simple and clear rules, this game will bring an awesome experiment to you. At the start of the game, you need to choose the game mode. There are 2 members in each team including the dunker and defender. You need to control these members. The dunker will stand in the center of the basketball court. You need to control him to jump up. Then, steal the ball from enemies and throw it into the basket. The defender will stand behind the dunker. He takes responsibility for preventing the enemies from scoring. Therefore, you need to control him to jump up or lie down to prevent dunks from the opponent's team. Sometimes, your characters are quite hard to control, so you need to estimate the distance and time to take the ball easily.

You will get one point if you can throw the ball into the basket successfully. The team who gets the five-point first will be the winner. In each match, you will have different basketball courts and distinctive enemies. You are also provided a random physical in each match. Don't underestimate your opponent.

How to control


Press the UP ARROW key to jump up and throw the ball


Press the W key to jump up and throw the ball

Some useful information about Basket Random

The game modes

This game brings you 2 main modes. They are 1-player mode and 2-player mode. In the first mode, you need to control your characters including the dunker and defender. You have to face AI enemies and prevent them from throwing the ball into your basket. They are so strong and change in every round. You can invite your friend to play with you in the 2-player mode. You and your friend will play on a different team.

Special features

If you want to become the victor, you need to get 5 points in all the matches. In each round, you will have different and unique features. They are balls, arms, heads, baskets, and maps. In every match, you will have a heavy ball, a light ball, and a rainbow ball. The heavy ball can be thrown at a short distance and bounces less than normal. The light ball can be thrown at a far distance and bounces more than normal. Rainbow balls are like normal balls. However, you will get a double point if you can throw it into the basket. You can get 2 kinds of arms. They are long arms and short arms. With a long arm, it is longer than normal, and it can reach further. With a short arm, it is shorter than normal, and it can not reach further. Then, they are a big head and a small head. The heads of all players will be bigger, so you can perform head-to-head tosses. About the basket, you will have a large hoop, a long hoop, and a short hoop. The map will include snow, business, and school.