About Bake Time Hot Dogs


Bake Time Hot Dogs it is! Or was it when the hot dogs were baking? Whatever, the point has been made. Your ability to prepare meals and take orders is now being tested. You have a lot of hungry customers to feed while working in a hot dog shop. Are you able to take the necessary steps to fulfill customers' orders accurately every time?

I suppose it's time to conduct some business. You should amass all the tips and win the best employee of the month award as the new employee of this hot dog stand. To achieve this, prepare and serve your hungry clients tasty hotdogs. To prepare the orders using the provided recipes and earn points, is your goal. But they snap so easily when they're hungry. They will give you fewer tips and give you fewer points if you keep them waiting for too long. Additionally, you lose one life for every angry customer, which you can see in the top left corner of the screen. The ingredients can be found on the right side of the game screen once it has started. To earn a high point, click on them quickly and in the proper order. New recipes will become available as you advance in the game, and the cost of the ingredients will rise. If you're prepared, let the rush start now!


  • Coloured 2D graphics
  • Theme of selling hotdogs
  • Limited lives, racing against the clock