About 4 Colors Classic


Do you long for the enjoyable and compelling game 4 Colors Classic? Or have you never experienced this wonderful game? So go ahead, pick a persona, and participate in some amazing friendly competitions. There are many engaging opponents who are ready at any time to keep you company, together with clear directions and easy controls, all waiting for you. The game's ambiance has been faithfully replicated.

Decide on the number of participants. Be the first to eliminate cards by matching cards of the same color or number. Play is controlled by action cards. The following player in line misses a turn while drawing two cards. Player is stopped by a skip card. The direction of the turn is changed to the opposite by the reverse card. Any card may have a wild card placed on it at any point, which allows you to alter the card's color. The wild draw four is a unique card that makes the next player pick 4 cards and lets you modify the color of the card.


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Bright and colorful graphics
  • Detailed game rules
  • Convenient controls