About 12 MiniBattles


Play 12 MiniBattles and participate in different battles! Try to defeat your opponent and be the first one to score 5 points in each game to get a victory.

If you are looking for action games like Boom Battle Arena to play with your buddy to entertain after a hard-working day, this game is a perfect fit for you. This game features a variety of amazing mini-games including Warriors, Archers, Swords, Battle-Pong, Cars, Push, Flame, Golf, Fly, Flame, Tennis, Pac-Battle, Shoot, Fog, Vikings, Cowboys, Tanks, Spacial, Timber Man, Zombies, Fog and so on. The game will be chosen at random. Your objective is to compete with your opponent. Be careful! Don't hurt yourself. The first player to score 5 points will be the winner. This game is designed for 2 players. Therefore, you can invite your friends to play this game together. Try your best to win as many games as possible. Good luck and have fun!

This game was developed by SHARED DREAMS STUDIOS. It was released in July 2017 for Android devices and in November 2018 as an HTML5 game. In April 2019, more mini-games were added to this game.

How to play


Press an "A" key to play


Press an "L" key to play

Some mini-games in 12 MiniBattles

Fire Challenge

This game has more than 36 mini-games in this game. The first one is Fire Challenge. In this mini-game, you and your opponent have to control two helicopters to put out the fire of two houses. To do that, you need to draw water from a well in the centre and then pour water on the fire. Try your best to score 5 points to get a victory.

Rockets Challenge

The second mini-game in this game is the Rockets. In this mini-game, you have to take control of your rocket to shoot UFOs which don't have the same colour as your rocket. Attempt to destroy 5 UFOs to win.

Gangster Challenge

In this mini-game, you and your friend transform into gangsters standing on the roof of a high building. Your target is to use the gun to shoot down your opponent. Try to force him to fall out of the roof to score. If you can score 5 points first, you will be the winner.